The real beauty of my jewellery is in the intense colour of the gems and glass Venetian beads. I believe that women should love the jewellery they wear, and that each piece should enhance their own personal beauty. There are no duplicates of my necklaces or earrings. Each piece is created with whatever I have in my studio at the time. It is practically impossible to copy any piece because many of the beads are one of a kind. I have also endeavoured to use the highest quality materials I can buy, with gold, silver and gold filled findings. The approximate length of each necklace is listed but it can be changed for an additional cost.




Ink and watercolor sketching


Signs & Murals

A variety of American and Canadian artists contributed their efforts to make the gorgeous beads of this necklace. I have added some colour changing Venetian lilac/periwinkle beads and finished the necklace with Amethyst semi-precious gems. Price $165.00
Simple American lamp-worked blue beads combine with black onyx and a sterling silver marcasite clasp to make this an heirloom 18" necklace. Price $125.00
Afghan Lapis and a Lamp-worked glass "fish" bead created by an American artist completes this gorgeous necklace. It is 22" with an extension Sterling silver clasp. Price $250.00
Patty Walton is the artist who created the focal bead. It is enhanced by Lamp-worked American beads,sterling silver findings, Venetian and semiprecious gems. A longer necklace approximately 19" with extendible chain. Price $165.
Patty Walton and John Olsen combined their talents on this necklace that includes teal Venetian beads and turquoise with sterling findings. Price $160
A black and gold Venetian bead is combined with black onyx, brass, lamp-worked beads and vermeil 17" necklace with a gold filled extension clasp. Price $145.00
Another Afghan lapis beaded necklace with a beautiful royal blue and turquoise lamp-worked bead. Both sides of the bead are equally stunning. The gold filled extension clasp and beads complete the necklace. Price $250.00
A Zanvettori "Rock" is strawberry quartz in colour and is the focal bead for this Venetian glass necklace. Black Onyx, copper and vermeil spacers complete the design. Price $155.00
Patty Walton created the focal bead of this classy "New York" style necklace that includes Zanvettori Black and white "Rocks", black onyx and crystal beads with sterling silver. $165
John Olsen created this coral/apricot toned focal bead and I have combined it with Venetian and American lamp-worked beads. The necklace is completed with Chalcedony gemstones and gold filled clasp. $165.00
Murano twist and Zanvettori beads joined with Lamp-worked glass and soft aquamarine gems create this lovely 16" necklace with a gold-filled extension clasp. Price $155.00
A stunning natural cubed coral and sterling 17" pendant necklace is lightened by a sterling chain and attractive clasp. $135 Natural undyed coral cubes with SSilver pendant
Venetian "Yarn bead" is the focal bead complimented by additional Venetian beads and "Blue Lace" semi-precious gems. The necklace is joined with an extendible clasp all in Sterling Silver. Price $155
Once again, Zanvettori rocks complement a John Olsen focal bead. The warm and rich colours of this necklace look fabulous on women with darker skin tones. Price $165
Royal Blue and black Venetian beads are enhanced by Zanvettori rocks and joined by sterling silver spacers and extendible clasp. Price $165.
A large Sterling silver focal bead with John Olsen lamp-worked beads and strawberry quartz complete this lovely necklace. Length is 17" with silver extension clasp. Price is $155.00
Venetian glass blowers and an American Lamp-work artist combine their talents with semi-precious stones and gold-filled findings to make up this 16" necklace. Price is $155.00
Venetian beads, striped, twisted and gold foil are combined with dyed red onyx, gold vermeil and a gold filled extension clasp. Length is 16" extending to 18" Price is $165.00
Venetian blue blown glass bead is the centrepiece for this copper and silver lamp-worked bead necklace. The Length is 18.5" and has a sterling extension clasp and chain. Price is $165
Czech glass beads are matched with black onyx to make this beautiful little sterling silver necklace. Price $110
The bright and cheerful colours of this necklace are Venetian blown glass beads complimented with turquoise. Price $150
John Olsen designed the center bead for this "Desert rose" necklace. Copper, lamp-worked and white coral beads complete the summer look. Price is $155.00
An unusual blue square bead is surrounded by lamp-worked and blown Venetian beads in a 16.5" necklace joined with Sterling silver beads and spacers. Price $165.00
A strand of peridot gems are a beautiful complement to a double strand of Venetian and Murano beads. A 14K gold clasp completes this light airy necklace. Price $260.00 Peridot with green and mauve venetian 14K gold clasp
A Venetian mauve millefiori bead is combined with Zanvettori lentils and bone scrimshaw beads to create a softer look. Extension gold filled chain and clasp. Price $165.00
This 16" necklace with extension gold filled clasp has Venetian water beads, Zanvettori "rocks" and American lamp-worked beads to compete the look with black onyx. Price $165.00
A luminous navy and green gold-fumed John Olsen bead is accented with 14K gold beads and semi-precious stones to produce this outstanding necklace. The clasp and chain is gold-filled and the length is a generous 20". Price $265.00
Venetian square lamp-worked and blown glass beads are combined with onyx and dyed red onyx to make this 16" necklace that is joined with a gold-filled clasp and chain. Price $165
Manuela Zanvettori created the three focal beads of this black onyx and Venetian blue necklace. It is 19" and has a silver clasp and sterling silver Israeli beads to complete it. Price $175.00
Another beautifully designed necklace featuring Manuela Zanvettori beads of gold and black. I have added blown and lamp-worked Venetian beads and black onyx to complete the sophisticated look at 15.5" Price $165.
John Olsen created the center bead of this necklace and other American artists have added their talents to make a stunning pink and navy lamp-worked 19" necklace. Price 185.00
A desert rose is the theme of this necklace with their unique and fascinating structure. I have added a blown Venetian bead and some mother of pearl beads to complete the necklace at 18.5 inches. Price $140.00
Skyblue lampworked Venetian and American beads are combined with Vermeil and a gold filled clasp to produce this unusual necklace. Price $150.00
Another beautifully designed necklace featuring Manuela Zanvettori beads of gold and black. I have added blown and lamp-worked Venetian beads and black onyx to complete the sophisticated look at 15.5" Price $165.
Johnny O "ghost" bead is the focal bead of this lovely natural pink pearl 18" necklace. The clasp is Rhodium plated vermeil and Rhinestones. Price $250.00