Pen and Ink Sketching

With Watercolor Wash




Ink sketching



Art for Business

Phalaenopsis Orchids

I started this painting during a class on painting the butterfly orchid and I wanted to show as many varieties as possible. One, however, is mine.... $400
Red and Yellow Gerber Daisies

Red and Yellow Gerber Daisies

After coming back from Brazil, I loved the strong colors of this painting. $350

Autumn Leaves

Sometimes the color of autumn leaves rivals the color of flowers in summer. Sold.
Autumn Leaves
Leila Orchids

Laelia Orchids

These are the more delicate and slender orchids of the cattylea family. $300


I have several varieties of this beautiful slipper orchid, and they keep growing and multiplying! $300
Paphiopedilum orchids

Single Hibiscus flower

This is a simple 9x12 pen and ink sketch done on clayboard with a pointillism type of shading style to give depth, shadow and perspective. Price is $200

Red Gold Hibiscus

It was difficult to capture the brilliance of a summer Hibiscus without making the painting loud and overbearing. Sold.
Pink and Purple primroses


The leaves of the primrose are deeply convoluted with lots of light and shadow. These are what initially caught my eye. $300

Happy Faces

Every year they come out with new and beautiful varieties. I had a hard time choosing which ones to paint, but these pink purple ones are magnificent! $300
Pink purple and orange pansies
spring pansies


These two pansy paintings are done on a 8x10 clay board. They look great as a set. $225

Pansies too

I added the purple and yellow pansy to this one as soon as I brought it home. I made the painting complete. 8x10 $225
Calla lily sketch with pen and ink

Bouquet of Calla Lillies

I love the grace and elegance of a calla lilly. This sketch is in the process of being colored with a light but vibrant watercolor wash.

Pink Orchid

I drew this orchid with pen, then applied a light watercolor wash and reinforced details and shadows with ink. Price $275
blue clematis

Blue Clematis

Truly the most incredible clematis I have seen. The flowers go through many changes before they are complete. 14x20 clayboard $375

Blue Iris and Columbine

I started with a very old variety of these iris many years ago and they now grace numerous homes in the Red Bank area. But they do get tangled with the columbine. $350
Blue and Purple Iris

Fallen Leaves

This sketch was done in preparation for a design for kitchen accessories. It was too complicated for that purpose, so I continued to complicate it further. Not for sale

Autumn Bounty

The purpose was to make the pumkin interesting and not pumkins can be. Sold

Yellow Orchid

These orchids captured my attention because they looked like tiny faries dancing in the wind. Not for sale


I had photographed these orchids with the sky behind them and had to include that same look in the painting because of the dramatic contrast of colors. Price $300.


I had painted these as part of a design and logo. Sold