China Painting on Porcelain




Ink and Watercolor sketching




Purple Grapes

This tile [11"x14"] was done following a wine tasting weekend in the Finger Lakes Region. This tile is sold.

Blue Poppies Platter

A couple of summers ago I went to Vancouver Island and saw these blue Himalayan poppies. Platter is for sale $200.

Miltonia and Callelyea

One of my largest tiles [12"x16"] and perhaps one of the longest in the making. Price $350.

Pink Poppies

Pink poppies do well in my garden, so these were a brief captured appearance. It s a framed matted [11"x14"] tile $450.

Apples in the Orchard

Each year I go to the orchard for the sheer joy of picking fresh apples from the trees. Now I go loaded with camera and grandchildren. This tile is framed for sale. Price $300.00

Purple Passion

I have a passion for the passion flower. I have collected and grow about 6 varieties and I love them all. This 11" x 14" tile sells for $450.

Parrot Tulips

This 12" x16" design grew from a pot of tulips that started from buds and opened as a tight knot gradually flaring more each day as the leaves lengthened and flopped from their own weight. This tile is $500.00.

Summer Bounty

I started out with a few pieces of fruit, and started adding more and more and more. The tile is 11" x 14" and sells for $450.