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Painted Signs

Pat Ellson designs and paints wooden signs for businesses in the Monmouth and Ocean County area. She has painted Sickles Market signs and designed their wooden advertisement signs for 12 years. When the main Sickles Sign on Rumson Road showed deterioration, Pat was asked to repair and repaint the signs 4 years ago. She uses the top quality exterior latex paints for porches. They have stood the test of time and still look fresh today. Pat also does window painting of signs and logos, on the inside of the window showing out.

Testimonials include "Thanks Pat, the refinishing of the signs look great – they should last another 5 years." Mark Sandstrum [Sickles Market]

"When I leave, I am going to cut out these windows and take them home!" Nancy Torres [Botanica Cachita]

Pat also does architectural renderings of homes and buildings in an artistic style for businesses. She has done work for local builders and Silverstein Properties in New York City.

Testimonials include "We just got out of the presentation at City Hall. The drawing was a huge hit! The restaurant owner loved it, he even said that those were the colors that he was planning to use. Thanks again for getting us out of a jam at the last minute!" Dara McQuillan [VP of Marketing, World Trade Center]

The owner loved the drawing of the house showing the renovations so much that he framed it! Albert DeBlasio [builder]

In 2012 Pat was asked to paint the murals on the interior walls of the Eatontown Library. The project took 8 months and the entire design was freehand designed and painted by Pat. The first mural was of the Anglican church and the building that now houses the local museum. The mural theme was historical in nature, showing the life of a child prior in 1910 - 1930. It portrays a family with a new car and driver posing after church services.

The second mural shows the last of the horse drawn milk carts in Eatontown in front of the Fred G Steelman School.