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Pat Axani Ellson


Pat Ellson has studied china painting, drawing and sculpting for over twenty five years in Canada and the United States. With porcelain art students, she teaches beginners to advanced. Her style of teaching is largely naturalistic, emphasizing floral and fruit as her subjects, relying on nature and photos as reference. Pat constantly creates samples to inspire her students, both beginners and advanced. Two of her porcelain pieces have been published in teaching articles with one being the feature cover of the international "Porcelain Artists" magazine.

Pat teaches art students to draw from life and holds short series of drawing flowers classes, introducing sketching, pen and ink and clay board with watercolor washes.

She also designs logos to be used for business cards and letterhead, paints storefront windows, wooden signage for shops and events, and graphic artwork to be used by various businesses including nurseries, lawyers and manufacturing companies. With her familiarity and love of flowers and nature, she has been asked to make floral arrangements for weddings and special occasions, including the gift of a bouquet to the Queen of Belgium during her visit to the World Trade Center building site in 2007.

With digital photography Pat has built an enormous collection of photos [5000!] which provide a rich resource for ideas and understanding. These photos are free to use for this purpose. If you have a special request as an artist, and the photos are available, Pat will try to help if at all possible to provide what you would like to see.

Pat also is a Jeweler and bead artist, creating one of a kind jewelry pieces including necklaces, earrings and pins. She works with Italian Venetian and Murano glass,gemstones and semi-precious gems,gold, silver [chainwork] and fine beading.

Once a year, Pat holds an "Open House" to showcase her pieces. She also has a large variety of hand painted platters, plates and vases which make special one of a kind gifts. If you wish to have an invitation, please email her with your name, address and phone number at